March 30, 2021

03/30/2021: What the Future Holds…

Our show is broken into eight segments.  Here’s a breakdown of what goes down in today’s show!  (Tip: you can easily move between segments using the chapter feature in your podcast app!)


Segment 1: Zach and Jonah talk about high school sports, and as Jonah argues for the prioritization of football above other sports which he believes to be a deliberate diversion from football, the two examine the role of masculinity in a man’s youth.


Segment 2: Zach and Jonah continue their conversation talking about whether college is a good option for most people.


Segment 3: We continue the show with some of our usual banter.


Segment 4: We talk about some comedy we like.


Segment 5: We are joined by Ray Ellen to talk about Apple’s upcoming line of products called AirTags.


Segment 6: We talk about whether technology has made our lives too easy.


Segment 7: We talk about a barber who is collecting money in a GoFundMe to fight a legal battle over his continuing to cut hair in defiance of Michigan COVID ordinances.


Segment 8: We talk more about Lil Nas X’s shoe line.




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Boomer & The Beard is your daily dose of commentary from a constitutionally conservative Christian perspective.  We bring a refreshing reality into a convoluted world of current events, and it's just what you need on your morning commute!

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